From 2015-2017, I worked as the Andrew W. Mellon Interdisciplinary Choreography through the Movement Matters Residency at Middlebury College. This residency was a 44-month institutional exploration at Middlebury College that sought to foster artistic creation and curricular development at the pedagogical nexus of embodied learning and scholarly interests with a special emphasis on increasing global understanding. During my time as the artist-in-residency, I collaborated with students, faculty, staff, the local community, and my professional colleagues beyond the institution to 1) choreograph dance works and teach movement-based classes and workshops with a broad range of participants, 2) develop interdisciplinary projects, 3) host residencies with national and international artists, and 4) develop curricular lessons in programs across campus. This program was made possible by a major performing arts grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Learn more about the residency activities at go/movementmatters.

Mez Baker-Médard’s Interactive Notes Movement Matters Lecture Demonstration Site Visit, Middlebury College, 4.16.15
Left to right: Oratory X Movement Workshop, photo Yeager Anderson; Roots of Movement, photo Alan Kimara Dixon; Looking In/Seeing Out, photo Shannon Bohler; Ecosexuality in Performance Lecture, photo Maree ReMalia
Left to right: For Our Friend and Teacher, Jen, photo Maree ReMalia; I Never Know When Things Are Ending, photo Colin C. Boyd; Collaboration in the Arts Final Project Class Showing, photo Gigi Gatewood; Between Two Meanings, photo Alan Kimara Dixon
Gaga Class, photo Alejandra Chavez; Movement Matters: Two Years in Process Performance-Presentation, photo Maree ReMalia