Maree welcomes folks from across disciplines, identities, and experience levels to move in ways that feel good to their bodies. She teaches in settings ranging from professional to conservatory to community to academic, both in person and remote. To create various access points, her approach is playful and deliberate and draws from somatic and improvisational methods based in dance and theater, the Gaga movement language, choreographic and compositional tools, voice, writing, and visual art. Through the integration of these methods, movers are invited into processes of self-discovery and connecting with fellow movers, while building strength, flexibility, stamina, and artistry. Participants practice moving with various aspects of themselves and being with complexity – they can be joyful and grieving, awkward and confident, silly and intentional; they can sink into the weight of their flesh, while accessing lightness in their bones and attend to their internal impulses as they sense the horizon beyond the room. These experiences offer opportunities to open to new possibilities and cultivate care in understanding ourselves, each other, and the world of which we are part.  

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