#MovedByYou (2020-2021)

Streamed on The Show Must Go On(line) channel by City of Asylum
Commission by Kelly Strayhorn Theater
Pittsburgh, PA
August 28, 2020

IGTV Web Series
Ongoing 2020-2021

Created and Performed by Maree ReMalia and Jil Stifel
Music for Lean by Thea Siegel
Video Compilation for The Show Must Go On(line) edited by Paul Kruse
Part of its KST Global Stream Digital Commissions Program, Kelly Strayhorn Theater presents #movedbyyou a collaborative video exchange between Maree ReMalia and Jil Stifel.

#MovedByYou is an Instagram mini project between Maree ReMalia and Jil Stifel. Having worked together over the past eight years, this video exchange is a way to continue engaging in vital embodied practices that support bodies being moved by other bodies, while living with physical distance imposed by geographic location (FL/WI and PA/ME) and the Covid pandemic. Our weekly posts act as dialogue and performance meant to activate skills of sensing, initiating, witnessing, listening, responding and inviting our multifaceted selves to emerge through movement; skills essential for navigating a world in crisis.

#MovedByYouRipple is an invitation to be with each other, ourselves, and all we are encountering – in motion. Join us in sharing how we process, sense and embody. Be moved to move – by creating your own brief movement response to the movement in and composition of one of the videos in our #MovedByYou IGTV Series. Get inspired by watching previous posts right now, or respond as new videos arrive in your feed, there is no right or wrong way to ripple! Tag a friend and continue the ripple. 

Please share your video response along with the following information in the post:
Title that is listed in the post you select, Response
#MovedByYou #MovedByYouRipple, @ma_ma_lia & @jilstifel