Multiple Bodies Project (2015)

CKM&A Dance & Dessert
American Dance Institute
Rockville, MD
March 15, 2015

The Multiple Bodies Project is a collaborative endeavor conceived of by Charli Brissey that will include multiple artists who will produce a series of interconnected works to be revealed in various cities and in various forms throughout the Autumn/Winter of 2015. Instead of one comprehensive and geographically specific premiere evening, we hope to extend these ideas and processes into multiple communities and through multiple iterations, maybe even happening at the same time. These collaborations will take on many forms and structures, including performances, sound installations, videos, photography, essays, and who knows what else. Cooking?

(So for example: A performance may be happening in DC while a related video is screening in New York). Not all events will be held in major cities, and some might only exist online.

We are interested in pursuing critically engaged ideas that develop from the purposefully vague prompt of ‘tomorrow.’ This could include interrogations of gender, habit, sexuality, socialization, transformative action, censorship, forgiveness, love, kinship, and all shades of queerness that resonate when considering these topics in relation to ‘tomorrow.’

Currently, the creative team is shaping up to look something like this :
(PS – Click on names to learn more about these rad humans)
Charli Brissey – dance/video/media artist (Richmond, VA)
Christina Carlotti Kolb – dance artist (NYC)
Maree ReMalia – dance artist (Pittsburgh/DC)
Betty Skeen – dance artist (NYC)
Kimberly Barnes – sound/video/media artist (Richmond, VA)
John Dombroski – sound/video/media artist (Somewhere Out West?)
Cynthia Henebry – photography artist (Richmond, VA)
Nikolai McKenzie – dance artist (Virginia Beach, VA)

Concept Charli Brissey
Created by Maree ReMalia in collaboration with Jil Stifel
Performers Maree ReMalia and Jil Stifel
Sound Design David Bernabo
Lighting Design Jennifer O’Brien
Video Documentation Shannon Braine
Special thank you Dance Loft on 14 and University of Pittsburgh Dance Program for in-kind donation of rehearsal space

Versions of this work were also performed at Three Rivers Arts Festival (2015), Velocity Dance Festival (2015), and University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne Independent Media Lab (2016).

“The piece began with a burst of rock music from the speakers and a brightly lit stage. ReMalia and Stifel entered in fluorescent tights and frayed shirts. To juxtapose the pop of sound and color, the two stood facing the audience, subtly grooving to the music with an almost imperceptible bob of the head or bounce of the knee. Imagine hearing a favorite song in public and feeling the urge to “dance like no one is watching,” but exercising restraint.”
– Adrienne Totino, The Examiner