I Never Know When Things Are Ending (2017)

Middlebury College Faculty Dance Concert
Mahaney Center for the Arts
Middlebury, VT
April 6, 2017

Movement Matters: Two Years in Process Performance Presentation
Mahaney Center for the Arts
Middlebury, VT
April 20, 2017

Maree ReMalia, worked collaboratively with an amazing, motley crew in the creation of I Never Know When Things are Ending. Viewers glimpse into the eclectic expressions that emerged from the particulars of the group, which showcases Middlebury College students and faculty David Allen, Chelsea Colby, Huirong Jia, Krista Miranda, Lida Winfield, and local dancer and bodyworker, Liesje Smith.

Directed by Maree ReMalia
Created in collaboration with the performers Dave Allen, Chelsea Colby, Huirong Jia, Krista Miranda, Lida Winfield, Liesje Smith
Lighting by Jennifer Ponder
Videography SteVon Felton
Photo credit Colin C. Boyd

Dave Allen is an assistant professor of Biology at Middlebury College. He is an ecologist who uses a coupled empirical-modeling framework to understand the processes that structure forest communities. Dancing with Maree and the other I Never Know When Things are Ending performers has been the most wonderful experience for him.

Chelsea Colby ’17.5 is an Environmental Policy major from Meredith, New Hampshire. Her previous performances include Vladimir Kremenović’s Medusa and Sophie Bufton’s Bodies of Saltwater: Painters of Light. She is thrilled to be on stage with this wonderful group of dancers with whom she has so enjoyed exploring and connecting.

Huirong Jia ’17 is a history major from China. A previous member of the Dance Company of Middlebury directed by Tzveta Kassabova, she performed in Detroit and Washington, DC. She was also featured in the senior thesis of Celeste Allen ’16. Thanks to dance, she experiences affection, compassion, and all the beauty of human connections.

Performance Studies scholar Krista Miranda, PhD, is a Visiting Lecturer in the Dance Department. Her work appears in The Oxford Handbook on Dance and Theater, Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory, and Pornographies: Critical Positions. She returns to the stage following her decade-long durational performance, Staring at Computer.

Lida Winfield is an accomplished dancer, choreographer and spoken word artist.  She creates original work; merging storytelling, dance and visual art to create captivating and poignant performances that have taken place on and off the stage.  Lida has traveled nationally and internationally as a performer and educator working with diverse populations in conventional and unconventional settings.  Currently Lida is Visiting Lecturer in the Dance Program at Middlebury College.  www.lidawinfield.com

Liesje Smith, a Vermonter, lives in Vergennes and works as a Rolfer and movement educator in Shelburne. She received a BA in Dance at the Naropa Institute and a fellowship scholarship at the School for New Dance Development in the Netherlands. She finds dance satisfying because, with others, she can stretch her expressions of all kinds while being watched!