Landing/Shifting (2016)

Faculty Dance Concert
Mahaney Center for the Arts
Middlebury, VT
March 18-19, 2016

Vermont Dance Fest
Castleton University Casella Theater
Castelton, VT
April 30, 2016

Landing/Shifting began with questions related to the way we define public and private spaces. What happens in the liminal spaces that exist between public and private? What happens when we bring private moments into public spaces? By whom and by what are our public spaces constructed and who is invited to be present? What are the ways in which these platforms are impacting our lives? What are the limiting and liberating factors of various structures and spatial configurations?

Created by Maree ReMalia in collaboration with Silvina López Barrera and David Miranda Hardy
Performers Silvina López Barrera and Maree ReMalia
Music Design David Miranda Hardy
Set Design Silvina López Barrera
Lighting Design Jennifer Ponder
Photo Documentation George Bouret and Gigi Gatewood
Special thank you Colin C. Boyd

This project was supported by Middlebury Dance Program and the Movement Matters Residency.