Faculty Showcase
Point Park University GRW Performance Space
Pittsburgh, PA
February 21-24, 2019

Shimmer is a montage of abstracted moving portrayals that reflect the artists’ conversations and explorations of the experience of multiplicity and their embrace of the range of expressions that shine through. Directed by Maree ReMalia, this collaborative performance work showcases vocabulary that was generated and crafted by ReMalia, the cast, and understudies. Check the resource and reflections share that has informed the process here.

Director Maree ReMalia
Choreography Maree ReMalia, the cast, and understudies
Cast  Zachary August, Miriah Auth, Cennellis Baron, Chezney Douglas, Trillium Falotico, Ashley Green, Tyla Howell, Rachel Hue, Jennifer Milani, Kimie Parker, Amelia Reuss, Adrienne San Diego, Haley Tarling, Joi Ware, Channce Williams
Understudies Adrian Green and Grace Lopez
Rehearsal Assistants Jil Stifel, Zachary August, Adrienne San Diego, Haley Tarling, Joi Ware
Music Flying Lotus, L-Vis 1990, Nils Okland
Set Design Natalia Gomez
Projection Design David Bernabo and Gigi Gatewood
Projection Sizing for PPU Performance Marc Yacoviello
Costume Design Erin L Heintzinger and Anthony James Sirk with Diane Olcott, Kym Laret, Susan King, Matt Smith
Lighting Design Regina T. Schober
Stage Manager & Assistant Stage Managers Jon Bros, Sarah Howe, Emily Sheehy
Production Manager Jonathan Surmacz
Photo Documentation Katie Ging Photography and Kaylee Wong
Shimmercast Website, Photos, Promotional Video Adrienne San Diego
Special thank you PPU Department of Dance for the opportunity to create this new work, COPA Production team for their creativity and support throughout the process, Jil Stifel for her outside eye, and to the amazing cast and understudies for their artistry and generosity.

The work includes projection by Gigi Gatewood and David Bernabo and set pieces by visual artist, Natalia Gomez. The set design in this work is drawn from the project, A Letter Compiled From All Letters, an evening-length performance work conceived of by Maree ReMalia, Gigi Gatewood, and Lillian Cho, which premiered at New Hazlett Theater June 13-15, 2019.